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First and foremost, I’m Yorkshire. Born and Bred.

I was educated at a local primary school and if I think back, I can still remember the smell coming from the school hall of a lunch time (I never got school meals but I recall not missing much) and the noise the TV stand made when it was wheeled out on what was like a TV stretcher. There were certainly no ‘smartboards’ then. I then progressed onto secondary school, college and so on – you get the picture.

I am currently a serving public servant in Lincolnshire (I know, I come from Yorkshire) and in the main, it’s a job I enjoy, although it isn’t without challenge – but I do like a challenge. It’s not the career I wish to stay in (the career moves in my sector are very few and far between). I am however, studying again. I’m currently reading Business Management at Arden University. Once I’ve completed this, I’ll be starting at BPP University (Leeds) to read law and to qualify as a Barrister. I’ve always been fascinated by law. I’m not sure why? I’m not sure if it is because I like to debate or because I like complex problems and to sit and solve them (I may not say that in the months to come).

I am currently a sitting Parish Councillor (elected). I was also elected as the Chair of the Personnel Committee.  I have led the parish council (and continue to do so) into a more modern state of local government looking at communication, service design and so on. Recently, I have been responsible for the Parish Council website (work in progress) and moving all staff and members onto a secure email platform and removing the need to use personal email addresses.

I have a real passion for improvement and have been described as pragmatic. Whilst ‘vision’ and ‘what we could do…’ are good, I’m more interested in, ‘this is the problem, let’s fix it’. I believe this is what is wrong with the public sector (I can say that I’ve worked in it long enough). There is too much ‘this is what we could do…’ or ‘the vision is…’ but in reality nothing gets past go. I’m also passionate about human rights, employment rights and fairness to all. Especially the protection of workers rights, pay, protection from exploitation and so on (hence the trade union role).

I’m completely approachable and will help anyone, anywhere, the best I can. All you need to do is ask. If any resident from the Parish wishes to contact me, you are more than welcome to do so. My email address is here. All cases will be treat equally with the utmost confidentiality.

Ben Munro

Ben Munro

I’m a serving public servant working full-time. I’m also a trade union activist and student.

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