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I’m Ben. I’m a 28-year-old public servant working in a very diverse, challenging but rewarding organisation. I’m also a student at Arden University currently reading business management and leadership. In the coming months, I’ll be leaving Arden and joining BPP University where I’ll begin my training to (hopefully) become a barrister. Not the coffee making type (although without baristas I’d have given up a long time ago) – the funny wig and gown type. I’m also a trade union rep for Unite the Union and very much enjoy the responsibilities that brings.

Over the years I’ve sat on a number of academic boards including the Arden University Academic Board, Whatuni Advisory board and I currently sit on a number of committees in my role as a student rep.

Outside of work and away from the boring (to some) parts I like to spend time writing (currently working on a book), driving and more recently, photography.

The aim, objective, direction – whatever you want to call it of my website is still pretty much undecided but, stick with it (or don’t, I don’t care) and we’ll see where it goes!

Take care,

Ben Munro

Ben Munro

I’m a serving public servant working full-time. I’m also a trade union activist and student.

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